Walk for Life

I am not an active person, I admit.  I don’t have a sport, I don’t like running, I don’t like lifting heavy stuff.  I have tried enrolling in a gym, but I’m more like a yoga person and, for something more active, I turn to aerobics, walking, and sometimes biking (leisurely biking, that’s all).    For my aerobics, I simply search for videos on YouTube, but nothing that I would really do on a regular basis.

Then I found this lady on YouTube.  Her name is Leslie Sansone and her program is called Walk at Home.  It’s really just a stay-in-place-walking-aerobics kind of thing, but it suits my temperament perfectly.

This is my favorite workout and, ever since I found it, it’s all I ever do as an exercise, alternating it with yoga, outdoor walking and biking.

What I like about this particular workout is that I could choose to do it in 30 minutes (stopping after Mile 2) or do the full 45-minute (3 Mile) workout.  It has varying intensity and a little bit of muscle toning.

Another thing I love about it is Leslie Sansone herself.   When you do the workout with her, you feel like you’re doing it with a girlfriend.  She’s cheerful, warm and funny.

So get your rubber shoes and walk at home with Leslie.

Check  out my favorite video from her series of workouts.

Leslie Sansone’s iWalk Strong 3 Mile Walk video

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