Skincare Secrets of Frenchwomen

1.  It starts with Discipline, really. None of it will work if you do not invest time in your skincare regimen daily, morning and night. It must become a habit to the point that you feel incomplete, not to mention slimy and dirty, when you skip even a single step in your regimen.


Some people may argue that they have good genes, but, let me tell you, time and other natural forces (sunlight, climate, gravity, stress) will soon catch up and do their damage. That’s just the reality.

Others feel it’s all unnatural and vain. Well, when age catches up with you that’s when you begin to realize that maybe a little vanity when you were younger would have been better.

Stop making excuses. It will only take 15-20 minutes off your Facebook time daily.

2.   Invest money on your skincare.  Do not skimp, buy the best products your money can afford.

3.   Find your very own dermatologist so you will have the best advice for your skin. Develop a relationship with your skin care professional. Get a facial regularly.

“Let’s be perfectly clear: A dermatologist is not a luxury. A dermatologist is our greatest anti-aging ally, translation: a necessity.” – Tish Jett, Forever Chic: Frenchwomen’s Secrets to Timeless Beauty, Style, and Substance

4.  Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate is the mantra of all beauty and skincare professionals. Drink plenty of water. Tip: drink a glass of warm water with lemon juice before going to bed at night to detoxify the body.

5.   Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Need I say more?

6.   Get enough sleep. Reduce stress through meditation, massage, regular exercise and other relaxing activities. Go out with your amigas (female friends).

7.   Protect your skin, wear sunscreen.

NOTE: The American Melanoma Foundation and the American Academy of Dermatology recommend a minimum of SPF 30 and urge people to use SPF 50 when engaging in outdoor activities. – Tish Jett, Forever Chic

8.  Smile.  A smile can lift your face up, instantly making you look younger.



  1.  Remove eye makeup with eye makeup remover.
  2. Cleanse face with a gentle cleanser/face wash. Rinse with warm water. Pat gently with a dry facecloth.
  3. Exfoliate 2-3x a week with a face scrub.
  4. Toner
  5. Serum or vitamin C concentrate (L-ascorbic acid)
  6. Night cream or moisturizer
  7. Eye cream
  8. Lip balm to hydrate the lips while asleep.  I use coconut oil as lip balm.
  9. Once a week, apply a face mask to banish impurities and relieve stress.


  1. You may or may not cleanse face. Splash face and neck with warm water.
  2. Moisturize
  3. Sunscreen


  1.  Exfoliate daily by gently rubbing with an exfoliating beauty cloth or body brush in circular motions.
  2. Use moisturizing soap
  3. Body scrub 2x a week, afterwhich apply moisturizer or body oil
  4. Rinse-off after hours in a pool or the ocean.



Forever Chic: Frenchwomen’s Secrets to Timeless Beauty, Style, and Substance by Tish Jett

Lessons from Madame Chic:  20 Stylish Secrets I Learned While Living in Paris by Jennifer L. Scott



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