3 Stylish Women Bloggers I Love

Looking for a style that you could emulate without going overboard?  Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely admire and adore people whose ultra-unique styles make them stand out in a crowd.  To me, they are true-blooded artists.

But, the reality is many of us prefer to simply look good, elegant, natural but well put together.  So I gathered 3 of my favorite women fashion bloggers whose styles are not difficult to copy.

For us mere mortals…

  1.  Style at a Certain Age.  This blog showcases the style of its owner, mom of three grown-up boys, Beth Djalali.  I’m really loving her fashion sense, fusing elegance, preppy and street smart.img_2449
  2. RetroChicMama.  Michelle, an Australian blogger who has a “deep love of fashion, hair styling and makeup,” has got a very chic fashion style.  At a young age, she travelled and worked in countries across Europe, which exposed her to different cultures and fashion style. img_2451
  3. Glam up your Lifestyle.  I first saw Cla on Pinterest and I quickly became her admirer.  I think her style is relatable and very sensible. And her bags!  I love the fact she always carrying a big one, just like me. My only problem with her blog is that it’s not in English, but you can definitely understand her fashion sense through her photos.img_2452

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