Yoga for Seniors

You probably already know that yoga is a spiritual system and technique from India that’s been around for thousands of years.  The main purpose of yoga is to liberate the soul.  It has many forms and the one most popular these days comes from Hatha Yoga and its aim is to unblock the chakras and awaken the Kundalini to make it rise up to the crown chakra and access the so-called nectar of immortality.  They say that when successful, it can bring siddhis (psychic powers) and create the immortal body.

Of course, yoga, especially in the West, has become so commercialized and the spiritual spring from which it flowed forth is hardly recognized.   Nevertheless, scientific studies have proven the effectiveness of yoga in bringing about a general feeling of well-being and health.

Yoga is a great way to keep us fit.  Personally, I prefer to do yoga than other forms of exercise.  It improves the circulation of the blood, breathing, heart rate nd eliminates tensions in our muscles.  Every now and then, I suffer from neck pain and when that happens I just do a bit of yoga, gently.

I am not an expert in yoga by any means.  Although I have been doing it on and off for years, I still can’t bend my back too far and cannot stand on my head.  I really don’t push myself too far when I do this. I see it as a form of exercise and meditation.  I just take it easy.

Just like this yoga instructional video that’s targeted at newbies and older people.  What I like about this video is that it makes yoga really easy for senior people.  It also starts with a simple meditation, so it takes away some of the anxieties that a newbie might have about the practice.

Please remember to consult your doctor before beginning this routine or any other exercise.

For more yoga exercises, please check out her YouTube channel, The Mat Project.




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