Makeup Tutorials for Mature Women

Okay, I searched high and low for some really simple makeup tutorials for mature women who prefer to look more natural.  I know how intimidating doing makeup could be sometimes.  I myself don’t like to look too made up.  However, as we mature, we really need to place some more effort on our looks.  It’s not really for others, you know, it’s feel good about ourselves.

I didn’t realize that applying makeup can be quite complicated, or even scientific until now when I began to search for something I could share with you.   All those products you have to put on your face to conceal this and that, and those makeup brushes, oh my goodness,  it seems like you’re to perform some form of cosmetic surgery on yourself!

The simplest video that I found is from an excellent makeup artist/vlogger who’s got millions of followers on YouTube — Lisa Eldridge.  Here in this video she is applying makeup on a beautiful woman who looks a bit like Isabella Rossellini.  The techniques that she used in this video are simple enough and should be quite easy for you to follow.

Simple Evening Makeup Look for Mature Women by Lisa Eldridge

I also found this tutorial from another YouTube channel, HotandFlashy, which has tons of makeup tutorials for mature women, for all occasions.  Although you may find the amount of product she uses on her face somewhat intimidating (or maybe not), I think they’re still quite reasonable.

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