Meet the 83-Year Old Woman Who’s More Stylish than You

Okay, so I’m letting you know now — this is an advertisment (but I’m not getting paid for it).  I just happen to like the advice Joyce Carpati gives to young women and not-so-young women out there.

In this video, Joyce Carpati sees two young women in the laundry shop and watches them as they try on their clothes.  She talks to the young women in her mind and issues them some good ‘ole fashion tips.

  1.  Live bold or Die Boring
  2. Clothes talk.  Don’t mumble.
  3. Show off.  Don’t get ripped off.
  4. Eat small.  Drink Plenty.
  5. Don’t overspend to look cheap.
  6. Don’t overshare, but pose everywhere.
  7. Have mystery and you will always be unforgettable.

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