3 Stylish Women Bloggers I Love

Looking for a style that you could emulate without going overboard?  Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely admire and adore people whose ultra-unique styles make them stand out in a crowd.  To me, they are true-blooded artists.

But, the reality is many of us prefer to simply look good, elegant, natural but well put together.  So I gathered 3 of my favorite women fashion bloggers whose styles are not difficult to copy.

For us mere mortals…

  1.  Style at a Certain Age.  This blog showcases the style of its owner, mom of three grown-up boys, Beth Djalali.  I’m really loving her fashion sense, fusing elegance, preppy and street smart.img_2449
  2. RetroChicMama.  Michelle, an Australian blogger who has a “deep love of fashion, hair styling and makeup,” has got a very chic fashion style.  At a young age, she travelled and worked in countries across Europe, which exposed her to different cultures and fashion style. img_2451
  3. Glam up your Lifestyle.  I first saw Cla on Pinterest and I quickly became her admirer.  I think her style is relatable and very sensible. And her bags!  I love the fact she always carrying a big one, just like me. My only problem with her blog is that it’s not in English, but you can definitely understand her fashion sense through her photos.img_2452

More and more women are going gray

I have been dyeing my hair since my early thirties, but now I’m seriously thinking of going gray.  Honestly, I still get cold feet thinking of it.  You see, I live in a country where the trend has not caught up.  I know though it’s just an excuse; the bottom line is I’m simply silly scared.

Even so, I feel genuinely happy whenever I hear more and more women all over the world are deciding to show their gray hair.  They give me inspiration and courage to go for it.

To all women of a certain age who, like me, still can’t drop their hair dyes, this article from The Japan News is for us.   A gentle nudge may just be what we need.

GRAY HAIR:  WHEN YOU’VE GOT IT, GO AHEAD AND FLAUNT IT (by Wataru Kurihara / Yomiuri Shimbun)



Meet the New It Girls of Fashion

Have you noticed the latest trend yet? Fashion labels are now reaching out to older consumers by using older models. Ignored for so long by the youth-obsessed fashion industry, this age group is now making their presence felt and recognized, I say thanks largely to social media. These older fashion icons have millions of followers on social media, breaking out of the conventional mould and finally catching the fashion industry’s attention.

Iris Apfel


Check out this article from independent.co.uk by Sarah Young.

Iris Apfel and Baddiewinkle: Why Older Women are the New It Girls of Fashion

Inspiring Woman: Paola Diana, entrepreneur, mother, women’s rights advocate, author etc. etc.

Can a woman have her cake and eat it, too? Apparently, yes!

Read this article from High50.com and written by Angela Sara West to find out how this beautiful woman, Paolo Diana, the founder of global companies, Nanny & Butler and Sigillus, is proving it and showing us how to do it.

What an empowering story!

Paola has transmuted her difficult experiences into powerfully life-changing endeavours.

When she had her children, she experienced difficulties of finding high-quality childcare and home help. This inspired her to put up her first company, Nanny & Butler, which provides such high-end services to her ultra-rich clients across the globe. She established her second company, Sigillus, as an answer to special requests made by her clients. She says, “People would ask for the best interior designer or access to an exclusive vent… I saw a huge demand for requests above and beyond household staff recruitment and childcare.”

While in her previous job, she encountered sexual prejudice as she climbed the corporate ladder. This made her “passionate about equal rights for women and feels it is her mission to ensure women are represented equally in both business and life… In 2006, she founded PariMerito (Equal Merit) a game-changing association and think-tank which lobbies and campaigns for female empowerment.”

“I struggled to find a job in Italy. I got into politics via a professor I’d previously worked with and then decided to become an entrepreneur so that I could be my own boss and not have to face sexism in my career.”

Sounds like a pretty busy woman who probably has no time for her family, right? Actually, the article happily reports that somehow she “manages to maintain a successful work-life balance.”

“Life is not just about business and success, but having a loving family you treasure for life. I don’t want to miss any stages of my children’s development.”

On top of that, she knows how to take care of herself.

“I have a massage every week, do yoga and meditation to revitalise my body and mind, and walk whenever I can to stay fit. I love the classic, powerful, elegant look with a touch of sexy. I’m not afraid of showing my curves.”

Asked if a woman can have it all, she answers:

“Yes, of course! But first of all, they need to want it all. Be ambitious and then take it all!”